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Business & Quality Management Systems

Old Nuc Consulting LLC is a Service connected-disabled Veteran-owned business consulting firm providing a wide variety of services; Business Management System (BMS) development, product safety evaluation, and technical training services to small and medium sized companies in Oregon’s Mid-Willamette Valley.

Business Management Systems have been dubbed fads or overbearing of recent, this is is a myth.  A Business Management System is an operating manual for a business. Years ago "A man's word is his bond," or "A handshake is as good as a contract." However today, a man's word seems to mean little, and a handshake is merely a handshake. A BMS helps prove the “old fashioned” days of your word and handshake are still valid and a valuable asset. A BMS is the testimony of how you do business and it is available to be shared with those to whom you do business.

A tailored BMS can be used to develop a quality management system in persuit of certification to a specific standard, such as International Standards Organization (ISO) if that is a future goal. Certification, however is not necessary but if certification is a goal, then Old Nuc Consulting LLC can help.

Old Nuc Consulting LLC help you develop a BMS that works for you, not a “cookie-cutter,”  system pulled from a software package, but one that meets the needs of your business.

Contact me to set up an appointment for a review. The effort involved reviewing your needs could save you time and money over the long run and attract new customers or expand your role with current customers.

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