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What is a Business Management System?

What is a Business Management System (BMS)? Simply, it is how businesses operate and the processes that support the business. Some systems are very simple other can be quite complex. Whether a system is in print or stored in the owner's mind there are similar elements to any system. These elements are also the basis for determining the quality of the business' product or service.

These elements look something like this:

  • Customer-focused organization
  • Leadership
  • Involvement of people
  • Process approach
  • System approach to management
  • Continual improvement
  • Factual approach to decision making
  • Supplier relationship

Companies that use the above elements in a written form have an operations manual. And it is evidence to your customer how business is conducted. When one buys a tool or piece of equipment and operator's manual is usually included, this helps the operator (customer) understand how to use the tool or equipment. In the same manner the BMS is the operator's manual a customer can review and understand what they are purchasing. Without a good system a business runs the risk of stagnation, falling behind their competitors or worse the business completely failing.

Edward W. Deming describes business as a system. All systems have a beginning, an end and several components that function together to form the system. There are boundaries to the system, guidelines to be specific by which the system works. As a business owner you set the boundaries and the components of the system and how all of the components interrelate. Having a written system makes the system more reliable and repeatable, thus saving time and money when it comes to producing your products.

A BMS is the outline of how you do business. Having a written BMS is evidence to your customers you have a stategic plan. This is the first step to consistency. Remember years ago when “A man’s word was his bond?” Of course, today a man’s word may have very little meaning to some customers. They want evidence a plan in writing as to how you are going to meet their need every time, no “smoke and mirrors,” or “sleight of hand,” but a plan to showing how you will meet their needs. A BMS revitalizes a man's word.

Do I have a BMS? And the answer is yes. Is my company certified to an International Standard? And the answer is no. Does one need to have a certification to a standard? It depends on your goals and your customer's needs.

Many small businesses are becoming certified and it has helped their customer base grow, but evaluate your need to see if certification is for you. Many other growing businesses are not certified to an International Standard and are doing just fine, but if reviewed one will find they have a BMS, it may not be written but it is there. In forensic science if evidence is not found the event should not happen, and the scientist cannot verify the event happened, therefore a written BMS is evidence you can produce a product to the customer’s specification repeatedly.

Let me help you develop a BMS to meet your needs.

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