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The below testimonials are from colleagues whom I have worked with over the last few years, several others are listed on my linked in page:

“I worked with Dennis as a client for over five years. Dennis is very knowledgeable regarding safety and compliance requirements and was always very prepared and detail oriented in his approach. He seemed to be able to work well with his larger organization to prepare for safety assessments. I would be very happy to work with Dennis in any setting.” 

Frank West , Senior Engineer, TUV SUD America  

“In the time I worked with Dennis, I have known him as a focused and passionate individual. I would describe him as detail-oriented, thorough, and very knowledgeable in the quality systems and standards relevant to our businesses. Leveraging these strengths, he would be an assist and a recommended additional to any large-scale project.”

Blair de Verteuil , Program Manager, ATS Automation Tooling Systems

“In the six years I worked with Dennis, I always relied on him as a subject matter expert for pharmaceutical, electrical, and safety standards. His GAMP, SEMI, and UL expertise for developing acceptance test protocols were invaluable for our automation business. Dennis is to easy work with and demonstrates the highest level of integrity in all his work. He is a great asset to any business looking for true quality and safety management.” 

Randy Lloyd, PMP, Sr. Project Manager, ATS Automation Tooling Systems




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